Pawise pop tent cat bed

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Your cat needs a comfortable place and a bed designed especially for felines, it is of great importance the rest of your hairy because it helps you recover your energy for your daily activities such as hunting and playing, sleeps several naps during the day and like to sleep in different positions, the cradle 2 in 1 Pawise Pop Ten l and gives your cat a great space and a very warm home in the winter time and cool nights. The bed or cradle for your cat is part of your basic needs, you have to provide a high or thick crib, where you can monitor your territory, have control and feel safe, also becomes home as the cats love the shelters, Like the closet or closed places, it is a great gift to pamper your cat and have a special space at home. Remember that cats sleep around 16 hours a day spread over lots of naps, young people sleep a little longer and all cats prefer a cozy place. Most naps are short and sleepy sleepers for a few minutes but you can have deep dreams.

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