Vadigran parrot tropical with mix fruits - 2.5kg

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Vadigran is a tasty and balanced food, containing only high-quality ingredients. These are processed and packaged with the utmost care to guarantee optimum purity, freshness and flavour. This composition meets all nutritional requirements and promotes well-being.


Sunflower seeds (white, large), cardy, sunflower seeds (striped, large), raisins, sunflower seeds (striped, small), pumpkin seeds (unshelled), peanuts (unshelled), maize extrudate colour, maize (French), bananas, cedar nuts, paddy rice, almonds, pineapple, papaya, pumpkin seeds (white), carrots, puffed wheat, mountain ash berries, puffed maize, hazelnuts, walnuts, sorghum, chilli peper


Crude protein (24,13%), crude ash (14,81%), crude fat (14,70%), crude fibre (2,77%), calcium (0,36%), phosphorus (0,12%)

Combine with fresh water on a daily basis. Store in a dry and cool place.

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