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Kitten Food

As a new pet parent to an adorable kitty, you will want to get her the best kitten food for her growing brain and body. Your precious kitty relies on her mother's milk in the first few weeks of her life. By the time she's eight weeks, she'll be entirely off milk and depend on kitten food for all the nutrients she needs. Your kitty will need to double or triple her weight during the first few weeks. To support that growth, your kitty will rely on you to provide the right kind of wet or dry kitten food. Your kitty will need protein, amino acids, and more minerals during these early days. Therefore, experts recommend kitten food and treat specially formulated for your growing little one. There are benefits to both wet and dry food.

Dry food can stay longer, but wet kitten food has a higher moisture content, helping to hydrate kitties and lower the risk of urinary tract issues. Wet food can also be more appealing to picky eaters. Feed your kitty a delicious and nutritious meal with Hill's kitten variety pack canned food. With real chicken or salmon as the first ingredient, your fur baby will benefit from a protein-rich diet. It's also made with natural milk, so your little one will get the calcium, essential vitamins, and minerals she needs. Kitties love treats too. Find nutritious kitten treats at The Pets Club. There are many kitten treats, but Kit Cat chicken flavor cat treats also help promote healthy teeth. Help boost your fur pal's nutrient intake with kitten supplements. In addition to feeding your pretty kitty the right food, you'll need to shop for kitten beds and home essentials to make her feel comfortable and safe. Many house cats are overweight, so physical activity is essential for your feline's health. To motivate your little one to play, consider kitten toys like catnip and teaser toys.

 One of the most critical kitten supplies you can buy is cat litter. With kitten litter and boxes, your kitty would have a designated safe space to use the restroom. In addition, kitten litter reduces odor in your home. In the beginning, you will also need kitten training and cleaning supplies because your kitty is bound to have a few accidents as she's acclimating to her new environment. For identification, remember to shop for kitten collars. Give your kitty a healthy start with the right kitten supplies. Find everything you need for your little one at The Pets Club's online pet store.

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