Diamond naturals indoor cat chicken & rice formula

Superior Chicken Delight: Protein-Rich, Probiotic-Boosted, Superfood-Infused for Comprehensive Pet Wellness

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Indulge your pet in the nutritional brilliance and tantalising taste of our Superior Chicken Delight. Crafted with precision, this formula offers an optimum blend of chicken meal and chicken, complemented by energy-giving ground white rice and cracked pearled barley. Savour the depth of flavour in each bite, amplified by the unique addition of grain sorghum, the health-enhancing properties of ground Miscanthus grass, and the goodness of dried yeast. This wholesome recipe gains its vitality from chicken fat, carefully preserved with mixed tocopherols.

Key Features

  • High-Quality Protein Source: Our formula boasts a dynamic combination of chicken meal and chicken, ensuring a powerful protein boost to support strength and growth.

  • Wholesome Carbohydrates: The balanced blend of ground white rice, cracked pearled barley, and grain sorghum supports healthy digestion and provides sustained energy.

  • Beneficial Fats: Our carefully preserved chicken fat contributes to the optimal health of your pet's skin and coat.

  • Nutritious Additions: Enjoy the beneficial features of dried yeast, ground Miscanthus grass, and natural flavours, enriching your pet's diet.

  • Packed with Superfoods: Our recipe is fortified with health-promoting superfoods such as flaxseed, chia seed, quinoa, and coconut.

  • Vibrant Fruit and Vegetable Mix: Our Superior Chicken Delight is rich in colourful fruits and vegetables like kale, blueberries, oranges, spinach, carrots, and papaya, providing a natural vitamin and mineral boost.

  • Probiotic Enrichment: Our formula contains a blend of live (viable), naturally occurring microorganisms, supporting your pet's gut health and overall wellness.

  • Essential Vitamins and Minerals: Our blend is enriched with essential supplements like zinc, vitamin E, niacin, copper, and vitamins A, B12, D3, promoting comprehensive health.

  • Quality Assurance: Our Superior Chicken Delight is manufactured in a facility adhering to rigorous quality standards.

Savour the well-rounded nutrition and delectable taste of our Superior Chicken Delight, specifically crafted to enhance your pet's health holistically. Allow your pet to relish our superior blend that marries irresistible flavour with paramount health benefits, assuring their wellbeing.

Guaranteed Analysis


Calorie Content

3,350 kcal/kg (380 kcal/cup) Calculated Metabolizable Energy

Feeding Guide

Current Weight (Kg.) Standard Measuring Cups Per Day

This feeding guide provides a starting point for the amount of food to give your cat each day. We recommend that you keep your cat in ideal body condition and not allow them to become overweight. The amount of food your cat needs can vary based on age, activity level or other food and treats given, so be sure to work with your veterinarian to determine an appropriate weight for your cat, and to make any necessary adjustments to their feeding.

Remember to keep plenty of fresh water available to your pet at all times.


Are Diamond products irradiated?

Food irradiation is a process in which foods are exposed to radiant energy, including gamma rays, electron beams and x-rays to eliminate foodborne pathogens. We do not irradiate Diamond products. Food irradiation is not guaranteed to kill 100% of pathogens present and could accelerate the oxidation of the fat, making it spoil faster. If used incorrectly, irradiation has proven to negatively affect vitamin activity, especially vitamin B1 or thiamine. A deficiency of this vitamin in cats can cause several health problems including neurological disorders.

Do you have a vegetarian diet?

At this time we do not have any vegetarian diets. We believe strongly in the value of quality animal proteins for a healthy and lean body condition. We offer a variety of formulas with a variety of animal protein sources to appeal to many different pets and their owners. The blend of amino acids that are found in animal protein sources better meet the nutritional requirements for dogs and cats. This does not mean that a balanced vegetarian diet is not possible, but we have decided to stick with quality animal protein sources for now.

What type of meat is used in the Diamond Naturals Grain-Free* formulas?

The first ingredient in each formula is real beef, real chicken or real fish. These protein sources provide dogs with the amino acid building blocks necessary for a healthy and lean body condition and give Diamond Naturals Grain-Free formulas the great taste dogs love and the nutrition pet owners appreciate. *The facility in which this food is made also makes food that may contain other ingredients, such as grains. Trace amounts of these other ingredients may be present.

Is Diamond Naturals have salt in their diets?

Yes, Dogs and cats require salt in their diet. Sodium and chloride are important minerals for pets, especially for young puppies and kittens. Dietary sodium helps with growth and reproduction. If we didn’t add salt, we would not meet the minimum requirements dogs and cats need. Although our diets are not “salt restricted” like some prescription formulations, they are certainly not high in salt.

How can I be sure of the quality of the Diamond products?

Diamond Pet Foods is manufactured in the U.S. in our state-of-the-art facilities. We are committed to product safety and quality, and adhere to stringent and scientifically advanced food safety protocols. We are constantly monitoring and testing our raw materials, production environment, processes and finished products. By continuously improving performance with the latest advancements in science and technology, we’ve developed a comprehensive food safety system. Here are a few of the ways we ensure quality: • On-Site Product Testing • Mycotoxin Control • Microbial Testing • Water Purification • Air Quality Control • Test and Hold Program

Can I mix two different Diamond products?

You can mix a dry product and a canned product if you like to feed a mixture of these types of foods to your pet. We do not recommend feeding your pet a mixture of two dry products. If you are interested in feeding only dry pet food we recommend finding one of our dry products that meets your pet’s needs and feeding it consistently. How should I transition my pet to Diamond foods? When transitioning your pet to a new food, we recommend a gradual introduction of the new formula over a seven day period. For pets with sensitivities, extend the transition period to 10 to 14 days. Start by adding a small amount of your pet’s new food to his or her current food. Gradually, increase the new food amount and decrease the current food amount at each feeding until you are feeding only the new food.

What is the best way to store my dry pet food?

Our foods remain freshest when stored in a cool, dry location. The food can be stored in the bag, but make sure to protect it from pests that may be attracted to the food (or hungry pets that may take an extra meal). Many customers choose to dump the food into a bin or container. This is certainly a reasonable way to store the food, but make sure to follow these simple steps:

    1. Finish all of the food from one bag before adding another bag into the bin. If you have a small amount left, you can transfer it to a plastic bag so that you can proceed to step #2.
    2. Wash the bin with hot, soapy water and dry thoroughly before adding a new bag of food.
    3. Cut out the production code and “best before” information from the bag and tape it to the top of the bin so that if you have any questions or concerns, you can provide this information to the customer support department.
    4. Store the bin in a cool, dry location. Extreme heat can cause the food to spoil and excessive moisture can lead to mold growth in the bin.

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