Exotic nutrition instant-hpw honey & fruit recipe 1 lb

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Instant-HPW Honey & Fruit Recipe was formulated with the guidance and advice of a PhD in animal nutrition to be a nutritious diet for pet sugar gliders. Wholesome natural ingredients such as eggs, honey, apple, and whey protein are blended with essential vitamins and minerals into an easy-to-mix powder. Simply add water, mix and offer to your pet. Instant-HPW Honey & Fruit Recipe contains the recommended nutrition necessary for proper growth and development of pet sugar gliders.

    Nutritious diet for pet sugar gliders, with added honey & fruit
    Mix with water for a quick and easy fresh diet
    Formulated by a PhD in Animal Nutrition
    Yucca extract acts as a natural pet deodorizer
    Serve fresh or freeze into individual servings
    100% Made in the USA at a USDA registered facility

Feeding Recommendation
: After mixing with water, offer 2 tablespoons of Instant-HPW Honey & Fruit Recipe per sugar glider per day as the main diet. If offering Instant-HPW Honey & Fruit Recipe along with a dry sugar glider food such as Exotic Nutrition’s Glider Complete, it is suggested to offer 1 tablespoon of  Instant-HPW Honey & Fruit Recipe along with 1 tablespoon of the dry pellet diet per sugar glider per day. Alternatively, the diet can be varied by offering fresh live insects and/or fresh fruits once your pet consumes all of their regular base diet. Do not leave moistened foods in cage for more than 12 hours. Always provide clean, fresh drinking water daily.

Mixing & Storage: Mix at a ratio of 1 part Instant-HPW Honey & Fruit Recipe powder to 1.5 parts water (bottled water is preferred). Mix powdered Instant-HPW Honey & Fruit Recipe and water thoroughly, or use a blender to mix. Serve fresh after mixing. Store excess mixed food refrigerated for up to 7 days. Mixed food can be frozen for longer storage using ice cube trays. Powdered Instant-HPW Honey & Fruit Recipe should be stored in a sealed bag in a cool dry place (under 70°F), or refrigerated. Powdered formula can be stored frozen for up to one year.
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