Patimax premium ultra clumping cat litter

Natural Zeolite & Bentonite, Ultra-Absorbent, Hygienic

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Introducing Patimax Premium Cat Litter - A Unique, Natural & Hygienic Solution for a Fresh and Healthy Home

Discover the remarkable benefits of Patimax Premium Cat Litter, made from a premium blend of pure, natural zeolite and bentonite minerals. Its exceptional properties swiftly capture odours and liquids, preventing germ growth and ensuring a clean, safe, and eco-friendly environment for both you and your cat.

Key Features:

  • Natural & Hygienic: Patimax Premium Cat Litter combines the power of zeolite and bentonite minerals to effectively capture odours and liquids, inhibiting germ growth in your home.
  • Eco-Friendly & Safe: Our unique cat litter is environmentally friendly and safe for both you and your cat, promoting a healthy living space.
  • High Liquid Absorption Power: The molecular structure of the natural minerals in Patimax Premium Cat Litter allows for exceptional absorption of liquid and odour, especially ammonia.
  • Long-lasting Freshness: Patimax Premium Cat Litter maintains its dryness even after extended use, ensuring a consistently clean and hygienic environment for your cat.

Choose Patimax Premium Cat Litter for a unique and effective blend of natural minerals that guarantee a fresh, clean, and healthy environment for your beloved feline.

Natural & Hygienic

Patimax Premium is a very unique cat litter made from a premium blend of pure, natural minerals of zeolite and bentonite. Its remarkable properties allow it to capture odour and liquid very quickly preventing germs from breeding at home. It is eco-friendly and also safe for you and your cat.

High Liquid Absorption Power

The molecular structure of the natural minerals used in Patimax Premium Cat Litter allows it to absorb very high amounts of liquid and odour (especially ammonia). It stays perfectly dry even after long periods of use and provides your cat with a healthy and very hygienic environment.

Fast Clumping

The fast clumping and instant liquid capture properties of this litter make it a very easy product to use and deal with. Its high liquid storage capacity prevents liquid from leaking to the bottom of cat litter tray and greatly reduces stickiness at bottom. Fast and solid clumping allows it to be used for a long time, making it a very economical product in terms of usage due to small clumps.

Easy & Fresh

Its low dust formula provides cleaner air and cleaner surfaces, due to instand and small clumps, it is very easy to manage the waste with the help of scoop. Provides the best odour control due to its unique formula containing zeolite and activated carbon, it blocks the bad odour and spreads out the fragrances when it reacts with liquid. Patimax Premium cat litter lasts at least 2 times longer than traditional cat litters.


Depending on the depth of your cat litter tray, fill it with up to 5 to 7 cm of this product.

Remove the clumped waste from the tray, using o trowel, on a daily basis.

Once a week, add more litter on the tray, in an amount equal to that removed as waste.

Once a month, empty the litter tray and disinfect it..

Wash your hands thoroughly afterwards with soap and water, prevent any foodstuff from coming into contact with the cat litter tray.

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Sharon Mae Ariza (Abu Dhabi, AE)
Best ever littersand

I have tried couple of Brands for cat litters but this really do wonders! it is worth the money spent! Controls odor! long lasting fragrance! good clumping! it is true to its words! just buy it and see for yourself

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