Wellness core cd ocean salmon with tuna recipe cat dry food - 1.75kg

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Grain free and protein-rich natural nutrition. This nutrient-dense recipe helps support optimal health, weight and longevity for cats. With 51% high quality protein ingredients in a natural, complete and balanced recipe along with a unique blend of wholesome vegetables, superfoods, botanicals and nutritional supplements, Wellness CORE Ocean fuels the carnivore spirit of all cats whilst giving them a meal they will love. As a poultry free recipe this formula is perfect for cats in need of alternate protein sources or for sensitive cats that cannot eat poultry ingredients.


See chart. Divide the total grams per day by the total number of times you feed your kitten per day. Please use the information as an initial recommendation only and adjust as needed. Always provide access to clean, fresh water.




2-3 45-58 33-44 + 85 g wet
3-5 58-82 44-61 + 85 g wet
5-7 82-103 61-77 + 85 g wet

1 cup = 100 g

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